Your Fishing Trip

If you are looking to book a trip I would like to give you some ideas on how I try to set things up to get the best results for you and your group.

First, I like to get a clear idea of the species, lake and date you want to shoot for, with hopefully at least a 5 to 7 day advance warning of when you want to go. This information gives me a chance to look at the weather, recent fishing reports, and the condition of the place we’ll be fishing. 

At some locales, like San Luis Reservoir, it’s critical to plan for the best weather possible-while avoiding any overly windy conditions-since that lake is susceptible to adverse winds at times. Safety is the top consideration in all my decisions.

Next, I like to check back in with you and your group 3 days before the trip, to make sure you’re still on board for the excursion. I also look over the latest conditions and reports. At this point, it’s not unusual for me to suggest we change the trip by a day or two-i.e. to miss a storm, etc. for the best results – especially if the latest forecasts predict adverse weather. Doing this has saved many trips!

Lastly, I will check in with you the night before our planned fishing adventure, to go over the final meeting place, time, equipment, what to bring, and how the fishing has been. 

I like to go into each trip feeling that…
  • you are ready
  • you know what we’re going to do
  • and we’ve agreed together that conditions overall look favorable enough to go!

​Many times I will monitor the wind conditions the morning of our trips to San Luis, even before we leave Fresno to make sure conditions are safe and favorable! After that, I also usually check the conditions hourly right up to the time we arrive at the lake just to make sure nothing unexpected has popped up.

Bad Conditions?
​If we encounter bad conditions the day of our trip, I reserve the right to cancel or adjust the trip on the spot, especially if I feel that safety is an issue and nothing can be done to adjust the trip to make it workable that trip. A few fish are not worth putting everyone in jeopardy and a raincheck is a much better and wiser policy!

Since safety is always the number one priority I have a strict NO ALCOHOL POLICY on my boat! Anglers need to be on their toes on the water and alcohol jeopardizes everyone, especially if there is an emergency. Alcohol is always a no-win issue when boating or fishing, where reacting quickly and competently may save a life!

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